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Roxane Hayward has always been a strong advocate for health and fitness, but after a compromising near kidnapping incident in 2015, Roxane felt the need to learn how to defend herself and evolve from the constant feeling of being impacted, to the feeling of being impactful. She moved her attention from weights at the gym to boxing gloves in the ring - Muaythai. Since starting her Muaythai training in 2016 with two-time world champion Quentin Chong, she also became a spokeswoman for self-defense and continues to host seminars in South Africa, Los Angeles and San Francisco. These seminars focus on human rights, empowerment, safety and teaching individuals how to defend themselves.

Seminars have been hosting alongside the 'Protect Your Body Project' foundation (South Africa), Two Wings Foundation (Los Angeles), Renzo Gracie South Africa, Renzo Gracie Los Angeles and Panther Martial Arts, Hollywood as well as working with schools in Los Angeles, developing children's environmental awareness as well as their physical and mental empowerment. 

Since the 2020 global pandemic, Roxane has continued these seminars by teaching virtually online.

Self Defense

Launched in 2020, The You Effect podcast features
simple conversations around big or small actions that have impact

It’s not about how much you can give, but how you, the individual,

can positively affect others.

Available on all platforms. Visit for more info or click here to listen now. 


Remember that little food revolution a few years ago called ‘Banting’ (the ‘low-carb, high-fat’ way of eating)? Well, Roxane Hayward was one of ‘The Banting Blondes’ - which quickly became one of South Africa’s top Health/Nutrition/Recipe focused blogs. A few years plus a pandemic later, Roxane came to the realisation that learnt that real wellness has to do with more than just the food on our plate, but also a strong emphasis on how we nourish our bodies away from the kitchen - our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Those, along with food, are life’s nutrients.


2020 couldn’t have highlighted this more.


So with a new qualification under her belt out of IIN New York, she has been virtually working with individuals and groups on regaining power over their overall health. Welcoming, The GetGiver:

"Our life begins with what we GET, 

Our life breathes with what we GIVE.


I want you to feel your best, for you,
so that you can give your best
for others." 

Health and Wellness

We live in a digital age. And if Covid-19 has done anything, it has ENSURED that we keep those phones in our hands in order to connect with others. But are we really connecting? Or are we just scrolling, liking, sharing our accolades and waiting for affirmations?


Roxane Hayward was craving a space to ease her anxiety, moments of loneliness and reflection of ‘self-worth’. This urge led to her involvement in the development of 2gTHr - a mobile app that provides individuals with a groundbreaking, interactive platform to make a direct impact in the lives of others through messages of hope, prayer, encouraging stories and actionable steps. 

2gTHr App
Human Tafficking PSA

Human trafficking is an evil that is plaguing our world.  It is estimated that over 40 million victims are trapped in force labour via human trafficking. Over 50% of those people are exploited sexually. Human trafficking and modern day slavery is the world's fastest growing criminal industry. The first step in tackling this growing epidemic is confronting that it exists and coming to the harsh realisation that it is happening on our doorstep.  


The recent international HeardPSA campaign contacted Roxane Hayward to create powerful Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to raise awareness on this hard to confront subject. This was an initiative which took place to highlight “My Freedom Day” for 2017 – in partnership with global media broadcaster CNN and the Global Sustainability Network.

Roxane wrote, directed and produced (alongside Quentin Chong) the PSA titled 'Open Your Eyes'. It continues to be broadcast internationally and has won various international awards - furthering it's reach in spreading insight into the realities of human trafficking and modern day slavery. 

Watch the PSA below. 

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